If brains and beauty are the emblems of the modern age woman, then Natasha Monks wears that crown. She is known for her stint on AXN's Amazing Race Asia, where she displayed incredible sporting spirit and outstanding people skills. It is no wonder she wins people over easily, taking on several roles such as the ambassador for SingHa Beer, modelling in Maxim magazines and the principal host of 'iTalentstar'. Natasha's star is on the rise, what with so much potential waiting to be unleashed!

Hosting Experience includes:
- ADFEST International Advertising industry Awards After Party
- IIFA (Indian International Film Awards) Side Promotional Show
- iTalentstar Principal Host (Online/Stage) Global One Media
- Phillips Annual Buyers Convention
- Smirnoff Experience Russian Federation Party

- AXN The Amazing Race Asia Season 2 Contestant
- Modelling for Maxim Philppines
- Modelling for Maxim Singapore
- Singha Beer Endorsement in association with Amazing Race Asia