The sparkly eyes, the chiselled features and the boyish appeal, Randall cuts the perfect figure for a heart-throb adorned with a flair for sports. Apart from being a familiar face on national television, Randall has also hosted his very own sports programme 'Fair Match', travelogue 'Good Bargain Good Fun' and a string of live events including L'Oreal product launches and Singtel roadshows. His sunny disposition is a hit for innumerable events - both live and on television.

Telvision Experience includes:
- '@ Moulmein High' (Channel 5) as Bobby
- 'Beautiful Trio (Channel 8) as Paerin
- 'Chase' (Channel 5) as Uncle John
- 'City Survivors' (pilot)

- 'Mental' on Channel 5 as Shaun Loh
- 'Fair Match'
- 'First Touch 2' (Channel 5)
- 'Going Straits' (Arts Central) as Jerome
- 'Good Bargain Good Fun' (Channel 5)
- 'House of Joy' (Channel 8) as Zhi Yang
- 'Life Story 2' as Quah Kim Song
- 'Lifeline 2' as Victor Lim
- 'Light Years' Season 1 & 2 (Channel 5) as Keong
- 'Triple Nine' (Channel 5)
- 'U Pick Live'

- 'Desserts Please' (pilot)

Hosting Experience includes:
- Ameron R&D Department Launch (JB)
- Brunswick Launch at Changi Business Park
- Chevrolet Aveo 5 Launch (Marina Square)
- Corporate Video for Citadines Service Apartments
- Essilor Dinner & Dance
- Ms Seventeen Finals at Zouk
- NAFA Open House
- OMD Staff Party
- Samsung World Cyber Games Asian Championship
- Sauza Tequila Gold Party at KM8
- SingTel Red Hot Sale
- SingTel Roadshow
- Tri Marine Dinner & Dance
- Watson's Health & Beauty Awards
- Zoom In 2006 Countdown Show

Stage Experience includes:
- A Whole New World [Singapore Airlines]
- Oh! Man [The Necessary Stage]
- Reach the Musical [Singapore Airlines]